Rowlet Chair


Another Pokemon Chair has been announced in Japan, a Rowlet Chair!

We haven’t heard much in the Pokemon furniture area since last November, however today a new Pokemon Chair/Sofa has been announced in Japan today, it’s a Rowlet! This is the forth Pokemon Chair to be released, with the first being Snorlax, then Ditto and Gengar last year.

This Chair/Sofa is super soft made from fluffy stretch material, perfect for a display piece or for kids (or adults like us haha). The chair is approx 90 x 79 x 65 cm, but extremely light weight, so its easy to clean and vacuum, the Japanese think of everything!

Lets have a look below!

The Rowlet Chair is now available for order and takes about 2 months, however they are only shipped within Japan 🙁 I’m sure would could get the imported over, but with freight costs these days its just too expensive 🙁

Author: Jesska

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