Scorbunny joins the Build-A-Bear gang


Build-A-Bear worldwide has just announced a Scorbunny bear!

From May 6th a special 25 year Scorbunny will be available in Build-A-Bear stores around the US. I am very curious if having this new bear in store only is to help with the scalpers online? Anyway Scorbunny comes with his own set of PJs.

I don’t have any further info at this stage, but the previous Pokémon bears all came with a card and a Pokémon voice box.

It’s yet to be announced in Australia, but that’s normal as with every other bear the US was first to release. As soon as I know more I’ll update ?


Scorbunny will also be released in Australia as of may 6th! Make sure to hop down to your local Build-A-Bear store ?

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