SecretLab Pokemon Chairs


SecretLab Pokemon Chairs have been released in Japan!

SecretLab a high quality gaming manufacturer has announced its first collaboration with Pokemon. The item that has been Pokefied! is SecretLabs TITAN Evo 2022 gaming chair. These chairs are highly regarded throughout the gaming industry for their adjustable features, range of sizes and high quality material/workmanship. Two Pokemon have been chosen to appear on the chairs and its our favourites Charizard and Pikachu.

Lets have a suss!

Each chair comes in a Regular size or Small size for our little future Pokemon Trainers, along with a range of chair features.

So far there is no ETA from SecretLab about release date for any other regions but Japan. They have listed it on their Australian/European sites already and you can sign up for a notification here. I sussed the Japan version and they are currently at the $795 (AUD) mark and that’s about right for a SecretLab chair, sadly they are that large, they cannot be shipped over from Japan, so we need to wait for the Australian release.

Author: Jesska

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