September Wild Area Event

A change in the month means a change in the Wild Area Dens!

A new wild area event has started on the 1st of September. This event feature electic and grass Pokemon. The Pokemon that will appear more in the dens are:

  • Yamper, Boltund
  • Helioptile, Heliolisk
  • Ferroseed, Ferrothorn
  • Gossifleur, Eldegoss
  • Toxel, Toxtricity, Gigantamax Toxtricity
  • Applin, Appletun, Giantamax Appletun (Sword)
  • Applin, Flapple, Gigantamax Flapple (Shield)

Honestly, I have all of those. I do wish they would do a special one with a Pokemon that is hard to come by or something. This even runs until October 1st.

Remember to be connected to the internet online within the game and enter the “Mystery Gift” menu and select “Get Wild Area News”.

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