High Class Pack Shiny Star V Nessa Set Officially Revealed

A special limited product called High Class Pack Shiny Star V Nessa Set will release on the 20th of November in Japan. This set is sold in a similar fashion to the Legendary Heartbeat Pokèmon Card Gym Set. It will be sold at Pokèmon Gym stores and the Pokèmon Center.

This set will include:

2x Booster Boxes of S4a High Class Pack Shiny Star V 

1x Deck Sleeves Nessa (64 sleeves)

1x Deck Box Nessa

1x Pokémon Flip Coin

1x Card Storage box

The Pokèmon Center website states there is a limit of two per person max.

Here’s a photo of what is included:

Like Shiny V set itself this will be very popular and will probably sell out pretty quickly. I love the artwork on this set and I think even if you didn’t collect the cards this would still make a great collectors piece, especially if you are a fan of Nessa.

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