Sirfetch’d the ‘Glitch’ Pokemon revealed


Sirfetch’d is here. Check out his details and special exclusive move!

Pokemon did a sneaky move releasing only a glitched image and half of the details of this new Pokemon. Last night they released a trailer for Sirfetch’ds reveal along with his Pokedex information. Sirfetch’d is also known as Negiga Knight in Japanese.

Sirfetch’d main feature is it’s irreplaceable battle onion. It shakes the sharp stalk of a leek like a spear and fights like a thick leaf as a shield. They value the green onion that they have been using for many years. When the leeks die, the leeks leave the battlefield and retire from the battle.

Sirfetch’d also has a special move that no other Pokemon can learn.

It looks like a move that takes 2 turns like other moves such as HyperBeam. Sirfetch’d is also a Pokemon only to be found in the Pokemon Sword games. I wonder what the Pokemon is only released in Pokemon Shield?

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Here is the Trailer released for the reveal.

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