Snorlax and Togepi Squishmallows Confirmed!

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Snorlax and Togepi Squishmallow images have leaked online!

UPDATE! Scroll to the bottom 🙂

Snorlax and Togepi are two of the most beloved Pokemon from the classic franchise. Both have recently been transformed into Squishmallows, the popular line of plush toys that have taken the world by storm.

Snorlax is a huge, sleepy Pokemon known for its love of eating and napping. The Snorlax Squishmallow captures this iconic look and feel with its round body, chubby cheeks, and adorable expression. It is made of soft, squishy material that makes it perfect for cuddling, and its large size makes it the perfect addition to any bed or couch. Whether you’re looking for a plush toy to decorate your room or a cozy companion for naptime, the Snorlax Squishmallow is the perfect choice.

Togepi is a cute and cheerful Pokemon with a round body and tiny spikes on its head. The Togepi Squishmallow captures this classic look with its adorable expression and soft, plush body. It is made of high-quality material that makes it perfect for hugging and cuddling, and its small size makes it the perfect addition to any collection. Whether you’re a fan of Togepi or simply love cute and cuddly toys, the Togepi Squishmallow is sure to bring a smile to your face.

In conclusion, Snorlax and Togepi are two of the most beloved Pokemon, and their transformation into Squishmallows has only made them more lovable. Whether you’re a fan of Pokemon or just love soft and cuddly toys, these Squishmallows are sure to bring joy and comfort to your life. So if you’re looking for the perfect addition to your collection or a new best friend for naptime, Snorlax and Togepi Squishmallows are the way to go!

We are still yet to hear any future release information, but as Australia now have pre orders for the Pikachu and Gengar Squishmallows, it wont be long until these two are announced here as well. As soon as I hear anything else, I’ll let you guys know.

Snorlax and Togepi Squishmallows

UPDATE! 21/3/2023

Last night the Pokemon Center UK announced the Snorlax and Togepi Squishmallows up for order. They are still yet to be announced the Pokemon Center US store and then here in EB Games Australia. I think they will be very limited as usually you can order 2-4 on the online stores with the Snorlax and Togepi only 1 per person. So keep an eye out of EB Games FB and notifications because you will need to jump on these fast!

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