Special Eeveelution Vmax Alt Cards


These three Eeveelution VMax cards are going to be sort after!

Before we get all excited, as I have seen some people posting around no we cannot get these. The only way to win one of these 3 card Eeveelution card sets it to live in Japan and be apart of the Japanese Official Pokémon Play Club. Sucky right 🙁

How do they enter? In Japan players will receive a form via email through their official Player Club Accounts from July 21st to September 30th. They then need to fill out the form which included a report of the latest game they have played against friends or family. The Pokémon Company will then choose 3,000 winners.

How amazing are these Alt Arts tho!

Usually I’m a Jolteon fan but I really love the artwork of the Vaporeon. These cards may pop up on reseller sites in Japan but I would imagine they would have a hefty price tag to them. Either way I’ll keep you updated 🙂

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