Starry Constellations


More Eevee merch has arrived!

Pokemon Online US has just released it’s newest collection.

The new Starry Constellations is all about Espeon and Umbreon. Yay for the second gen eeveelutions! Ask they are Dusk & Dawn evolve forms this collection is mysterious, mythical yet calming. Like looking up on a starry night.
My favourite item out of the set is the fleece throw, nothing beats being all warm and snuggley curled up on the lounge with a fuzzy blanket. @ $39.95USD
Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 2.34.33 am
But it was a close call with the crew neck sweatshirt and the messenger bag. The sweatshirt is not only super soft, it even has raglan sleeve to keep you warm. It has a large beautiful design on the front and a small one on the back, not many sweaters are double sided, so this definitely gives it a little bit more Pokemon flare. @39.99USD

The messenger bag by Timbuk2 is light weight, has various compartments and a little emblem metal key chain. @ $199.99USD

Next in line would the these amazing Gallery Figure’s, Umbreon using Dark Pulse and Epsion using Light Screen. @16.99USD

There are many more items in the collection, lanyards, play Matt’s, plushies and TCG collections.

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