Sumire Retsuden Collection

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The newest collection to be released in the Pokemon Center!
I am really excited about this one.
Mr. Sumiko (Okazu) a Japanese ink artist has given Pokemon a new look, painting them while showing their overwhelming power.
There are six Pokemon in this collection.
Lucario, Gallade, Zeraora, Garchomp, Greninja and Sceptile.
screen shot 2019-01-11 at 2.24.43 amThere may only be a few Pokemon but their are many different items avaliable.
Various items such as a mini-folding screen and folding fan, kimono made towel, a lineup of rubber tea mats that can be used in Pokemon card games and Japanese tea, that was offered as a tea ceremony for the Tokugawa family!
It is perfect for souvenirs as well as for rewards to myself.
Items will be available from Pokemon Centers around Japan starting Saturday the 26th of January.

Hopefully they will continue to bring us amazing artists and more breath taking designs.
Welcome 2019!

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Author: Jesska

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