Summer is here to melt us

Summer story event:

where you can obtain story areas and items.

Travel Tokens:

You can obtain them in event battles. Use them to move in the event map.

Event map:

There is no limit to how many times you can move. The items U can claim are power ups, orbs and candy coins.

Date and time: 30th July at 11pm to 16th August at 10:59pm.

Login bonus: gems x 100.

Applicable sync pairs:

Steven & Sandslash.

Lyra & Jigglypuff.

Steven & Metagross.

Lyra & Chikorita.

Player Character & Pikachu.

Player Character & Torchic.

Important bits

To able to be involved U must of completed chapter 1 the more the merrier in normal single player mode.

Login bonus are sent to your present box.

Login bonus can only be claimed once a day.

Bonus are reset at 11pm.

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