Sword and Shield, ep 35 – Pikachu!

Goh has noticed the friendship that Ash and Pikachu have and has decided that he would like a Pikachu of his own.

Ash and Pikachu decide to head to a valley where lots of Pikachu live. Ash’s Pikachu befriends a female Pikachu. However they learn that the Pikachu’s are there to mine for Thunder Stones.

Ash’s Pikachu becomes nervous, the Pikachu that it befriends offers a Thunder Stone. When Ash’s Pikachu refuses to evolve a chase begins. Ash’s Pikachu hides behind a rock, the signs of evolution are shown and a Pikachu has evolved into a Raichu.

Has Ash’s Pikachu finally evolved?

This episode is one that has had a fair bit of talk leading up to it. View the full episode here! ?

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