Sword & Shield Special Deck Set Zacian Zamazenta vs Dynamax Eternatus


A brand new Sword and Shield TCG Deck Set has been announced!

A new special deck set has announced and do those doggos look sweet! In this Box you will get shiny Zacian and Zamazenta promos.

Below is the card releases and information from the official Pokémon TCG.

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Zacian V
Zamazenta V

Zacian V is an aggressive Pokemon V with a powerful trick “Brave Caliber” and a trait “Futo no Tsurugi”, and Zamazenta V is a defensive Pokemon V that fights with the trait “Fukutsu no Tate” and a trick “Assault Tackle”. !!

Some of the recorded decks and cards

“Special Deck Set Zacian Zamazenta vs Dynamax Eternatus” contains two types of decks:

“Zacian V & Zamazenta V” deck
and “Dynamax Eternatus VMAX” deck

, and some of the recorded cards are introduced!
“Zacian V & Zamazenta V” deck


Similar to Zacian V and Zamazenta V, it is a steel type Pokemon. With the trick “Ikari no Tsume”, you can deal as much damage as you have a bad can, and with the trick “Power Blast”, you can deal 120 damage instead of trashing one energy.


In addition to this, the “Zacian V & Zamazenta V” deck allows steel-type Pokemon to fully demonstrate their strength and fight!
“Dynamax Eternatus VMAX” deck

Mugen Dyna VMAX

Dynamax Eternatus VMAX

The characteristic “Mugen Zone” that increases the number of evil Pokemon that can be put on the bench allows you to put up to 8 evil Pokemon on the bench, and you can deal up to 270 damage with the trick “Dread End”.

Dynamax Eternatus V

Pokemon V that can evolve into Mugen Dyna VMAX. The trick “Daimax Hou” deals 240 damage to Pokemon VMAX.

Mugen Dyna V


The trick “Assault Gate” that can do 90 damage with one evil energy is powerful. In addition, it is easy to put on the bench with Matatane Pokemon, and it is also a bad Pokemon, so it is compatible with Mugen Dyna VMAX.

The “Mugen Dyna VMAX” deck is a deck that contains a lot of evil type Pokemon so that the strength of Mugen Dyna VMAX can be fully demonstrated!
Cards from both decks

Quick ball

You can add Tane Pokemon from your deck to your hand, and you want to put a lot of it in any deck.

Quick ball


Evolved Pokemon can be added from the deck to the hand. It’s a must-have item for decks that use Evolved Pokemon.

Ph.D. research

The strong support is that you can trash all your hands, draw 7 decks, and draw a lot of cards.

Ph.D. research
Boss command

Boss command

It is a very powerful support that you can decide the victory or defeat by exchanging the opponent’s bench Pokemon and the battle Pokemon and using it aiming at the bench Pokemon that seems to be irritating.


Support that allows you to draw 3 of your deck. Because of its general-purpose effect, it is attractive that it can be used in any deck.



With Mary, each player returns his hand to the bottom of the deck and redraws his hand. Strong support is that you can redraw your opponent’s hand at any time you like.

Now lets see what’s in the box!!

  • “Zacian V & Zamazenta V” deck (60 cards) x 1
  • “Dylan Eternatus VMAX” deck (60 cards) x 1
  • * Due to the nature of the construction deck, multiple identical cards are included.
  • Deck case x 2 (partition plate x 4)
  • Pokemon coin x 2
  • Damecan / marker x 1 sheet Playmat x 1
  • Player’s guide x 2
  • Damecan case x 1
  • Card box x 1
Contents list image

Release Date is set on November 5th in Japan. Pre Orders are now open, Click Here!

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