Target Pulls Pokèmon TCG Products From All U.S Stores


Target will officially pull all TCG products off the shelves from their stores starting from the 14 th of May. It has been confirmed that the ban will affect all stores in the U.S.

It seems that the recent product ban is a result from a recent attack outside a Target on May 7th which was over sports trading cards.

Scalping has been rampant during the pandemic. Most of the printing plants shut last year due to COVID. This has lead to product shortages and the demand for card games went through the roof, this also lead to price hikes.

Last year scalpers were wiping out TCG aisles at the big retailers within minutes. To combat this, Target locked down merchandise and allowed customers to line up on certain days to be able to purchase them. However, lines were becoming overrun forcing stores to implement digital lines due to COVID safety concerns.

Wal-Mart has also started pulling Pokèmon TCG Products off the shelves due to customer behaviour. This has not been a corporate wide ban though.

Japan has also been experinceing issues with scalping, resulting in Creatures implementing a lottery system. This has come after the Pokèmon Center website crashing minutes after the Eevee Heroes pre-order went live.

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