TCG Expansion Pack 'Double Blaze'


The newest Sun and Moon TCG Expansion is here!
Following the last Expansion ‘Full Metal Wall’ is ‘Double Blaze’. And you guessed it Dragons. YES! Charizard and Reshiram are the newest Pokemon teaming up.
There is also one other new tag team but it’s different from all the rest.
Muk & Alohan Muk
Still not to sure how I feel about this tag team, but the Pokemon company still brings us what we least suspect. Why not two of the same Pokemon, but not really the same Pokemon? A little bit cheeky.
We’ve also had the chance to get a look at the newest cards and GX’s we can soon add to our decks or collections.

This newest Expansion will be released in Japan Pokemon Centers and online the 1st of March 2019.
Who’s going to be lucky enough to get those Dragons?

Author: Jesska

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