TeraCute & TeraCOOL


Shimmering with aurora processing and foil presses, Pokémon’s latest goods have landed at the Pokémon Center!

On April 27th (Saturday), the Pokémon Center Japan is releasing, a dazzling array of merchandise adorned with sparkling aurora processing and foil press designs. Divided into two distinct styles – the charming “TeraCute” and the sleek “TeraCOOL” – this fashion-focused collection offers a variety of fashion accessories.

The Apparel section showcases sheer shirts with a fashionable sense of transparency, along with T-shirts featuring a blue foil accent for an extra touch of flair. Accessories boasting Pokémon motifs are meticulously crafted, with details such as gem-like beads and cool matte-textured metal materials. Additionally, the collection includes various lifestyle items, including wind chimes inspired by the serene beauty of Mosnow.

Starting from April 25th (Thursday) at 10:00, Pokémon enthusiasts can find these captivating items available for purchase at the Pokémon Center Japan Online.

The Pokémon Company’s latest line-up combines style and Pokémon flair, inviting fans to add a touch of sparkle to their wardrobes and homes. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this enchanting collection!

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