The New Pokemon in the Forest


A new Pokemon appears in the 24Hr stream event!

Finally we get what we were waiting for and lets face it we waited for it. The 24Hr event stream did make some trainers unhappy. I’m not exactly sure what Pokemon’s plan was, but I think it was a ‘good things comes to people who wait’ sort of thing.

We saw some Pokemon in the forest.





AND the new Pokemon!

We don’t know the name, however during the stream you could hear it’s cries in the forest. They sound just like a Ponyta! So far there are two rumors going around about how it fits into the world of Pokemon.

  1. A Galarian Form of Ponyta
  2. A baby Ponyta that would evolve into Ponyta

All we can do is wait and find out. Before you go watch the video below, check out the new pokemons playing together.

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