Theme decks for Pokemon TCG likely to be discontinued

As briefly mentioned in the latest post about the new set coming out next year, “Battle Styles” There is a big possibility that theme decks will be discontinued. The products for Battle Styles were released recently, but there was no mention of Theme Decks at all.

There was also no mention of them on the Battle Styles sell sheet. The only other time a theme deck was not released was when Neo revealation was released in 2001

We will however be getting a new type of product called “V Battle Decks” that will be released on the 5th of February. These could possibly be replacing Theme Decks. These are bulkier and contain a Pokemon V card. These will be more helpful for newer players wanting to learn Pokemon TCG.Pokemon V are in every deck where as the theme decks did nothing to help out with that.

Battle Styles is a new set with a new battle mechanic to it, so it’s doubtful that we will see Theme Decks anytime soon if ever again. Personally I think that this is a good move, I personally don’t ever recall theme decks being hugely popular and I think these V Battle Decks looks great and will be more helpful for newer players.

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