Time Gazer and Space Juggler TCG Expansion


The new Time Gazer and Space Juggler TCG Expansion has been announced!

Today the Pokemon Company Japan announced the next Pokemon TCG Expansion. This expansion is based on the Legendaries from the Pokemon Legends Arceus game, the Origin Formes of Dialga and Palkia. We get to see the new rare VStars of each legendary as well as the booster art.

Check out the cards they have revealed below:

Sleeves and box decks will be released in Japan only 🙁

As soon as we have more details on release, I will update 🙂 What we do know is the Japanese set Battle Region along with these two expansions will be collated into our English set Astral Radiance, which we will see in May this year.


Released date is May 8th, we now have both up for interest list >> Time Gazer, Space Juggler <<

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