Two Type’s of Shiny’s?


Pokemon S & S has two different type’s of Shiny Pokemon!

A lot of trainers these days like to go on the Shiny hunt, well now the shiny’s have reach a new level. It has been shared by  PokeXperto and Serebii, that in fact Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Sword And Shield can have one of two different types of “sparkling” animations.

Shiny Pokemon also have a different colour scheme (as I’m sure we all know) however different versions of this ‘Sparkling’ animation has been used all throughout the Pokemon games. The term ‘Shiny Pokemon’ actually relates to this sparkling animation.

So what’s the different?

Standard Shiny – Star shaped animation

Rare Shiny – Square shaped animation

So the square shaped animation is classed as the rarer type. Looks like everyone will be spending 5643644848x more hours hunting for those bad boys. Serebii has worked out the calculations for us.

Serebii’s Rates Explanation

  • When breeding Pokémon, static encounters and Max Raid Battles
    • 15/16 chance of being a Pokémon with the Stars sparkle
    • 1/16 chance of having the Squares sparkle.
  • When you encountering a shiny Pokémon as a standard wild encounter
    • 15/16 chance of the Pokémon having the Squares sparkle
    • 1/16 chance of it having the stars one.
    • Note: This may be due to a programming error

Happy Hunting!

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