U-Treasure Limited Magikarp Necklaces

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Is Magikarp your favourite Pokemon? Then this is a must have!

U-Treasure a highly regarded jeweler in Japan as now announced they are adding Magkiarp (also known in Japan as King Koi) to their Pokemon Jewellery collection. These necklaces/pendants are hand made and come in two metal types Silver and 18k Gold.

The best part is the tribute to our spashy fish friend is that it is number 129 in the Pokedex and U-Treasure will only be making 129 necklaces. Whhhaaat. There will be 119 made in Silver and only 10 made in the 18k Gold, so if you are a BIG fan you better jump on this as they wont come around again. The Gold necklace also comes with its own with its very own paulownia wood box for safekeeping or to be displayed, emblazoned with a gold Pokéball.

For Poke fans who want want on they are now online for purchase on the U-Treasure store, retailing for roughly $125 USD for the silver version and $1,250 USD for the gold edition.

I personally have a U-Treasure Espeon and Umbreon hand crafted ring and the attention to detail is stunning!

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