U-Treasure Pikachu Engagement Rings


A Jeweler in Japan has released Female & Male Pikachu Rings!

U-Treasure (also known as K-uno) is well known for their amazing and highly details jewelry. Located in Japan, you can without a doubt say they love Pokemon. They have released many other previous sets such as, other Pokemon Necklaces, bracelets and rings.

The part that I love is the ever so slight different detail if the Pikachu’s. This sets them apart as Female and Male Pikas. How stunning is the engagement ring. They are made to order, so you can choose the size of the rings, metal (There is silver, white gold, yellow gold or rose gold to choose from) and can have custom engraving.

But wait theirs more! A matching Pika wedding band!

Sadly these items are Japan only.

I bought one of these amazing Pokemon rings (the umbreon & Espeon one) and collected it in store in Shinjuku, Japan, while on my holiday. It’s cost an arm and a leg but totally worth it.

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