U-Treasure Pocket Monsters Pendants

U-Treasure also know as K-uno have brought out something amazing.
You can pick:

  • What letters
  • What font
  • What Pokemon
  • What type gold

I’ve never seen so many options. Most of U-Treasure’s products are made to order, so they have stepped it up a notch to give the perfect Pokemon bling. They already have a few items in their Pokemon collection. Mew, Umbreon/Espeon and Pikachu rings, along with Eeveelution necklaces. I personally ordered an Umbreon/Espeon ring online with one of their English speaking staff and organised to pick it up while holidaying in Japan. It was the most secure and smoothest transaction. Their craftsmanship and customer service are second to none.
Firstly, you can spell your name or nick name however you want.
Then select a font.
Don’t forget your little Pokemon charm!
And finally what type of gold.
Any Pokemon fan is going to want one of these.
If you would like to have a suss, you can below 🙂

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