Ultra Ball Replica


The next Replica Poke Ball from the Wand Company is coming!

For me I am super excited as this is the last High Quality Replica Poke ball for my collection. Last December ‘The Wand Company’ a US company released the first replica Poke Ball. We have had plastic Poke Balls before but these replicas are made from resin and enamel, so they are not only shiny and pretty but super heavy, just like a real Poke Ball. After we all lost our minds, they then released a VERY limited Master Ball Replica. The Master ball was a collaboration with the Pokémon Center US store and only 5000 were made. Next was the Great Ball Replica released only a few months ago. Now we have the Ultra Ball!

The release date for the Ultra Ball is 1st of September, which was yesterday. However MightyApe is the Australian supplier but is no longer taking any orders due to the New Zealand covid lock down. Lucky! The UK supplier does also ship to Australia! Release date for the UK retailer is 30th of Sept. I’ve already pre ordered mine, if you wish to as well go here.

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