Unown Artifacts!


The Pokemon Center (US) is getting ready for winter, with their new! Unown Artifacts clothing range. Only three items are in this range, small but essential!
A Beanie, Scarf and Hooded Jacket.

Unown is a mysterious Pokémon whose appearance looks like letters of the alphabet. There are twenty four different Unown in total. They were first introduced in Gen two which was Pokemon Gold and Silver, Found in the Ruins of Alph, near Violet City, Johto.
As soon as I think of the Unown, I think of the third Pokémon movie,  Entei – Spell of the unown. Using their power to turn a manor into a massive ice castle and also my favourite, an illusionary Entei that is created to represent the little girl’s father.
I am her Papa!
Sadly no Entei is featured 🙁

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