Update to Pokemon Masters

Pokemon masters update:

Pokemon Masters has updated there game and it includes:

sync pairs



Bugs will be fixed

Sync pairs:

In sync pairs there are new skills to use. The level 3 cap tier will be removed. Sync pair U team up with will come without a single or passive skill.


The buff bend and training machine will be no more. Some of the redundant items can be exchanged. More candy coins will be added.


The weekly mission bingo will be removed.

New stuff:

New stuff includes:


Skip tickets

Player ranks

Type Skills

Training and level up area

Evolution material area

Sync orb area

Move candy coins


replenish one every six minutes. It does not replenish after full bar. You can use gems to replenish stamina.

Skip tickets:

They can be used in battle to skip battle results. More than one can be used at a time.

Type Skills:

when two or more of the same type are on your team, this skill will activate. It strengthens the team.

Training, level up, evolution materials and sync orb area:

The training area will now be known as Ex plaza. You will get a brand new training area.

Manuals can be obtained in the level up area.

In the evolution area U can obtain shards and crystals. You can do it three times a day.

In sync orbs co-op U can obtain orbs. You can do it ten times a day.

Move candy coins:

You can exchange these coins for move candy. There are four types of move candy coins.

They are:

move, strike, support and tech.

Login bonus:

your login bonus are gems, candy coins and more gems.

There is a sale for gems.

Date and time: 28th July at 11pm to 27th August at 10:59pm.

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