V Star Special Set


The next V Star Special Set has been announced!

A new V Star Special Promo Pack has been announced for the latest Lost Abyss Japanese Pokemon TCG. This Special set includes:

  • 1 Promo Pack
  • 8 Packs of Japanese Lost Abyss
  • 1 Vstar Marker

This pack is to be released on August 5th, you can now sign up for the interest list here.

Lets check out the pack and the VStar cards we want to find!

There are three combinations: “Zacian VSTAR & Zacian V”, “Zamazenta VSTAR & Zamazenta V”, and “Rotom VSTAR & Rotom V”, the English translation for each card is below.

Zacian V STAR

VSTAR power trick “Sword Star” is a huge damage of 310 damage! Not only Pokemon VSTAR but also Pokemon VMAX with HP 310 or less can be defeated with a single blow.

Since the trick “Break Edge” does not calculate the effect on the opponent, it can also damage Pokemon such as Miltank, which has the property of not being damaged by Pokemon V.

Zacian V

The trick “Kyojuzan” is 260 damage to Pokemon VMAX! The damage will be higher than the Zacian V trick “Brave Caliber” that appears in the expansion pack “Sword”, so use it properly depending on the situation.

The trick “Buchinuku” that gives 40 damage stably is convenient because it can be used with one energy.

Zamazenta V STAR

VSTAR power characteristic “Shield Star” is a powerful characteristic that the damage received by all your Pokemon is “-100” in the next opponent’s turn! If you use it when Zamazenta VSTAR is in the battlefield, even if the damage of the opponent’s trick is 360, it will be 260 damage by “-100” and can withstand it.

Furthermore, the trick “Giga Impact” is damage that can defeat many Pokemon V with a single blow.

Zamazenta V

Zamazenta V that appeared in “Start Deck 100” is a new illustration. The characteristic “Ouja no Kamae” is effective when you can’t use the tricks in the first turn or when your hand is not very good.

The trick “Revenge Burst” can aim for large damage toward the end of the game.

Rotom V STAR

VSTAR Power’s characteristic “Henkan Star” allows you to select an unnecessary hand in that situation and draw that many decks, so you can refresh your hand while leaving the cards you want to use!

Trash the “Pokemon Dogs” collected in your hand with the “Tool Box” etc. with the “Henkan Star”, and put a lot of “Pokemon Dogs” in the trash with the trick “Scrap Pulse” in the lost zone. The combo that causes damage is powerful!

Rotom V

In addition to being able to interfere with the opponent with the trick “Lost Hack”, unlike the Rotom V that appears in the expansion pack “Lost Abyss”, even if there is no “Pokemon Dog” in the trash, the trick “Gekidenryu” will cause stable damage. Can be given.

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