VStar Lucario and VStar Darkrai Sets


New starter sets VStar Lucario and VStar Darkrai have been announced by Pokemon Center Japan!

Pokemon Company Japan has just announced the next starter sets for the Sword and Shield TCG. This time we have Lucario and Darkrai (honestly I love them both! such good choices). The new white design really makes the Pokemon pop in the playmats.

Lets have a look at the boxes.

Each starter set contents is pretty much the same with the difference being different VStar Promos and Playmat art. The full list of contents is below:

  • VStar Promo Card

  • 60 decks (60 cards) x 1
  • * Due to the nature of the construction deck, multiple identical cards are included.
  • Damecan / Marker x 1
  • VSTAR marker x 1
  • Pokemon coin x 1
  • Playmat x 1
  • Player’s guide x 1
  • SLL_Contents

    Release day is set at February 28th in Japan. You can sign up for a notification once available for order here “Darkari:” or “Lucario” 🙂

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