Water Type Mass Outbreak Event

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Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Water-Type Mass Outbreak Event Now Live

The Pokémon Company has just launched the latest Mass Outbreak Event for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, and this time it’s all about Water-type Pokémon. Trainers can dive into the event from now until June 9th, 2024, to catch some special Water-type Pokémon across different regions within the games.

During this Mass Outbreak Event, players will encounter an increased number of Water-type Pokémon in various locations. Here are the featured Pokémon and their respective regions:

  • Finizen in Paldea: This playful Dolphin Pokémon can be found in greater numbers, making it a perfect opportunity to add it to your team or find one with excellent stats.
  • Lotad in Kitakami: The Water Weed Pokémon will be appearing more frequently, giving trainers a chance to catch multiple Lotads and evolve them into Ludicolo.
  • Horsea in the Terarium: The Dragon Pokémon Horsea will be in abundance, allowing players to catch and evolve it into the powerful Kingdra.

Special Feature: The Kindly Mark

One of the highlights of this event is that Pokémon caught during these outbreaks will have a higher chance of possessing the Kindly Mark. The Kindly Mark is a special attribute that denotes a Pokémon with a friendly and gentle nature, making these Water-type Pokémon even more unique and desirable.

How to Participate

To join in the fun, simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet: Ensure your game is updated to the latest version.
  2. Check the Map: Look for areas marked with Water-type Pokémon outbreaks.
  3. Head to the Location: Travel to the indicated spots in Paldea, Kitakami, or the Terarium.
  4. Catch Pokémon: Engage in battles and catch as many Water-type Pokémon as you can. Keep an eye out for those with the Kindly Mark!

This Water-Type Mass Outbreak Event is a fantastic opportunity for trainers to bolster their teams with unique and special Water-type Pokémon. With the event running until June 9th, 2024, there’s plenty of time to explore, catch, and train your new aquatic friends.

Don’t miss out on this splashy event! Grab your Poké Balls, head to the locations, and enjoy the increased encounters with Finizen, Lotad, and Horsea. Happy hunting, trainers!

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