We are family event

Family ties story event is a go. Obtain rewards and items.

Date and time: 9th September at 11pm to 30th September at 10:59pm.

Travel tokens:

Obtain travel tokens to move threw the map area and get items along the way.

Event map:

reach the checkpoints to get threw the map area.

Sub areas are available too.

If you skip a sub area it will reappear again on the map.

There are no limits on how much you do on the map.

Items you can get are:

Strike and tech candy coins.

Power ups 3 & 4.

Sync pairs are:

usamine & Pheromosa.

Gladion & Silvally.

Lillie & Clefairy.

Brendan & Treecko.

Wally & Gallade.

Koga & Crobat.

Janine & Ariados.

Norman & Slaking.

login bonuses:

Skip tickets & gems.

Important bits

You must of completed main story chapter 1 the more the merrier in single player normal mode.

all items will be in your present box.

login bonus reset at 11pm.

login bonus only can be claimed once a day.

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