Who’s Your Favourite Pokemon?

Over 52,000 have voted for their favourite Pokemon. Check out the top 10!

After the confirmation by Game Freak about ‘Not all Pokemon being available in the new Pokemon Sword & Shield’, all hell broke loose. Game Freak used the phrase ‘Every Pokemon is someone’s favourite Pokemon’, pretty much you can’t please everyone.

Well Pokemon subreddit decided to prove this this phrase was true and held a survey asking Pokemon fans to vote which is thier favrouite Pokemon.

And the results are in! Here is the top ten.

1. Charizard
2. Gengar
3. Arcanine
4. Bulbasaur
5. Blaziken
6. Umbreon
7. Lucario
8. Gardevoir
9. Eevee
10. Dragonite

There were 4 Pokemon out of the whole 807 of them got ZERO votes.

Silcoon: 0
Gothita: 0
Eelektrik: 0
Yungoos: 0

Honestly I think only having 4 Pokemon at zero isn’t to bad. There are some shockers out there. My favourite is Entei, I hope he wasn’t far behind. Was your favourite Pokemon in the top ten?

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