Wobba Pika?

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A new face is coming to Pokemon Centers and no it’s not Dittos!

Wobbuffet! Woooooooobuuffet, all I can think of is Team Rocket lol.


I think Pika, Eevee, Audino, Combee and Ditto have been hanging out with him for far too long. As they are now even mimicking his face expressions.


In this collection is quiet large compared to the usual ones. There are plushes, mascots, T-shirts, keyrings and many more items.

Check them out below.

I can’t say I’m a big Wobbuffet fan but that Eevee just makes me laugh! There is no sign as of yet that there will be following collections, just like the Ditto Transformation collection. I wonder what Pokemon expression they will do next?

These items will be available from Pokemon Centers around Japan and online from April 27th.

Pre-orders are now available at PokePlush!

Let’s Wobbuffet Plush Toy

Let’s Wobbuffet Plush Keyring

Don’t forget to use the code ‘newspaper when pre-ordering in your cart!

Happy Shopping!

Author: Jesska

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