Yokohama Pokémon Center Re-Opening


The Yokohama Pokémon Center will be relocating from Landmark Plaza 4F to Marui City 8F. It will also get a whole redesign including appearance, legendary Pokémon statue and Pokémon games.

Revolving Sign at the original Yokohama Pokemon Center. Photo taken on my Pokemon Center Adventure 2018

The stores theme has been announced as “Space of the Harbor”, it has a fusion of sea, like Yokohama. Now with a sea theme we can only guess who is the best water type legendary?

It’s Kyogre!

PC Yokohama
The reopening date at Marui City is Friday the 9th of November. There will be special fun events and campaigns celebrating the renewal.
Don’t want to wait? Application’s for the pre-opening on November 8th (Thursday) are now open! You can apply straight away on Pokemon online until the 21st of October. Only 60 pairs of 180 people (1 pair is max 3 people) will be invited via a lottery.
If you miss out, not to worry there are plenty of goodies still available on opening day. Special commemorative products will be available for purchase and gifts will be given out. All visitors will be gifted with a special commemorative clear Pokémon post card and a ‘Mini Charm’ for every purchase over 5,000yen.

Author: Jesska

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