Yoshinoya has teamed up with Pokemon


Yoshinoya a well known fast food chain is now collaborating with Pokemon!

Never heard of Yoshinoya? The food outlet was a family run shop that opened back in 1899 in the fish market’s in Japan. 117 years down the track and Yoshinoya it now a vibrant fast food chain that provides the perfect ‘Tasty, Cheap and Fast” food.

Yoshinoya will have a limited time only ‘Pokemon’ Gyudon special. This means anyone who is it order a Guydon (beef, onions and rice dish) will receive their order in a PokeBall themed bowl. They will also receive one of the six small Pokemon figures. On the bottom of the bowl you will see a design with all six Pokemon in this promotion.

Don’t fear if you are ordering take-out as you will also receive these items in your order, that will be supplied in a special poke ball take-our packaging.

Why these six Pokemon? There is method to their madness! These Pokemon were chosen because their Japanese name end in ‘don’, this means nothing to us, but ‘don’ always means bowl in Japanese. I love it! What a great idea!

This campaign starts on the 19th of December till March 18th 2020. We have already heard there will be a Pokemon collaboration series 2 next year, once further details have been announced, I’ll fill you guys in.

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