Adidas Neo x Pokemon Collection 2!?!


Adidas are back at it again, with new Pokemon themed sneakers!

Back in May this year the very first Adidas Neo crossed with Pokemon Collection was released. If you haven’t seen them they are amazing! Click Here. In that collection the main Pokemon were Pikachu and Squirtle, this time Eevee has made the main stage and it’s pretty stunning.

Here’s the new eevee Adidas Neo sneakers,

And Pikkkka!

I really love how they have totally created a new design (as much as I love the last one). I actually managed to get my hands on the Pikachu sneakers. I have warn them once, inside, with socks on, but they live in the display now.

They also will have the official icon to prove authenticity, these seals mean ‘The product is approved by Pokemon Official’ and will be displayed on official products. This is so Asia can use the ‘Pokemon’ Branding. That’s right, there is a very high chance like the first collection, that these amazing Pokemon sneakers will be yet another China Exclusive.

There was also a hoodie released in this collection.

As soon as release dates and details have been announced, I will let you guys know 🙂

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