Extra Large Gigantamax Plushes

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Pokemon are making Extra Large Gigtantax version of the Meowth and Pikachu plushes!

With the release of the Gigantamax Plush collection only tomorrow, Pokemon have thrown a surprise in to say we can get our two favourites in an extra large size.

How big is extra large? This is larger than the BIGMore plushes for sure! Let’s check them out.


I personally love this Pika more, it reminds me of the old school fat Pika following Ash around in Pokemon Yellow.

This super huge plush puts the MAX in Gigantamax, with Pikachu weighing in at 4.36kg and is 80cm tall. The cost is 44,000yen (approx $634.96AUD) but that’s just the plush. Imagine the postage costs. Wow.

Now lets look at my second favorite Pokemon


As for the super huge Gigantamax Meowth plush, he weighs 3.05 kg and is 165cm tall. It costs 33,000 yen (approx $476.22AUD. My most favourite thing about this plush is that he is SOOO tall he can be the perfect bed bud.

Let’s have a look at the size comparison to the standard Gigantmax Plushes.

Both Super Large Gmax plushes will appear in Pokemon Centers around Japan around October 2020. As soon as we have an exact date I will update 🙂

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