Free Competitive Porygon2

Get the free Competitive Porygon 2 code here!

The Pokemon Company has announced a thrird giveaway event for Pokemon Sword and Shield. Following on from the Competitive Gastrodon which is still available (hurry) we now can receive this competitive Porygon2 using the code below.


This Pory comes with an Eviolite and knows the following moves:

  • Recover
  • Trick Room
  • Ice Beam
  • Thunderbolt

It has max EVs in HP and Defense and max HP IV, with its Attack and Speed IVs are guaranteed 0. Defense, Special Attack and Special Defense IVs are random.

It has been brought up that is ironic we get this free Pokemon gift as Proygon2 is one of the 16 Pokemon that are banned from Pokemon VGC. Don’t get me wrong I don’t play competitively but still a weird thing to happen.

Happy Downloading!

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