Free Online Mystery Gift

The Pokemon Company has just announced a free gift for all us Pokemon Trainers!

The Free Mystery Gift can be downloaded straight onto your Sword or Shield game as of right now. The gift include’s a Galarian Mr.Mime, now this isn’t just any old Galarian Mr.Mime, this special one has a hidden ability.

Hidden Ability: Icebody

This hidden ability recovers 1/16 of the maximum HP at the end of each turn when the weather is “Hail” during battle. Also, you will not receive the damage of “hail”.

You will all receive four special Pokeballs, a Lure Ball, Heavy Ball, Moon Ball, and Dream Ball.

If you haven’t used the Mystery Gift function before you will need to be connected to the internet to receive the gift and click the “Receive Via Internet” option.

Mr.Mime is only one of the four Pokemon in the free mystery gift campaign. Click here to see other details.

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