Pokemon Sword and Shield Mystery Gift Campaign

A Mystery Gift campaign to get Pokemon and tools useful for adventure!

The Pokemon Company has just started a new campaign called ‘Let’s Prepare for Adventure’. This campaign will help us get Galarian formed Pokemon with their special abilities.

With the name ‘Prepare for Adventure’ we can say with no doubt that this campaign is the lead up to the first Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion pass. Each week starting today we will be able to get a different Pokemon via the Internet Mystery Gift system.

First up we have the Galarian Mr.Mime

This Galarian Mr.Mime is already up! Click here

Hidden Ability: Icebody

This hidden ability recovers 1/16 of the maximum HP at the end of each turn when the weather is “Hail” during battle. Also, you will not receive the damage of “hail”.

You will also receive four Pokeballs lure ball, one moon ball, one heavy ball, and one dream ball

Next we have Galarian Ponya

This Galarian Ponyta will be available 29th May to 5th June

Hidden Ability: Anticipation

This hidden ability has the ability to make the opponent “Kouka wa tsuguda!” When you enter the battle, or the ability to make “Hinshi” state with one shot such as “Two drills”

You will also receive the second ball set, one level ball, one speed ball, one love ball, one friend ball, and one ultra ball.

Next up we have the Galarian Corsella

This Galarian Corsella will be available June 5th to June 12th

Hidden Ability: Cursed Body

This hidden ability will have a 30% chance of turning an attack into a “Kanashiri” state when it receives an attacking attack from an opponent during a battle.

You will also receive a set of dogs required to evolve a specific Pokemon, one sweet apple, one sour apple, a pot with a pot, a cracked pot, a scented bag, and a whipped pop.

Last we have Galarian Meowth

This Galarian Meowth will be available June 9th and only run for a limited time.

Hidden Ability: Unnerve

This hidden ability will prevent you from using only opponents during battle. (this is from translated information, so I would take a stab and say you top your opponents using items during battle?)

You will also receive 50 big kid’s eggs that can be sold at high prices in the shop, and 100 Large Candy

All the information was from the Japanese site so some of the names of the hidden abilities are exactly right (sorry guys). I will update once the English Pokemon site has been updated.

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