Kiki our Future Pokemon Master


At only 8 years old Kiki is taking the Pokemon Championships by storm!

Kiara also known as Kiki on the Pokemon scene, has accomplished more in 2 years in her Pokemon Video Game journey, than any of us would have accomplished over years. At the age of 5 Kiara starting watching the Pokemon anime series online and was drawn to it (we all know how that feels). She then went on to play Pokemon Go which helped her learn about Pokemon and their types/abilities.

April 30th 2018 was the beginning of an amazing journey, Kiara won her first Pokemon event. With the help and support of her friend Chris, Kiara took out the win. Even missing the first round was no match for her determination and courage. Right now she is living our dream.

Kiara was then on her way attending the local VGC events, interstate and even international special events. Now I have played every Pokemon game that has been released since I was even 8 and I still wouldn’t even have a chance at a random battle online. Kiara’s skills are so amazing at the age of 5, she’s half the age Ash Ketchum was when he started his adventure.

Just like Ash, Kiara has made so many life long friends as she made her way up the Pokemon VG ranks. Once she had concoured Australia Kiara went on getting invites to Brazil, North America and last years Washington DC’ Oceania Event.

While Kiara may not have won last years junior VGC at Washington DC, she was still able to cheer on her best friend Simone who won the Pokemon Oceania International Championships this February, from the side lines.

Kiara is still pursuing her Pokemon Champion dream, however due to the Corona Virus the events are currently canceled. Even though everything has been put on hold she is placed to receive travel awards for both Berlin and Worlds in London.

How does she do it? Kiara’s tip is:

Try your hardest, nothing is impossible if you put your time and effort into it. Practice makes you better and if it doesn’t work out, there’s always next time 🙂

Let’s all take a piece out of Kiara’s book and all give it a shot. There is an event about to open next week online (the 2020 International Challenge).

The Pokemon Newspaper will follow Kiara’s dream and keep you all updated on the Pokemon Video Game Championships 🙂

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