Last Free Online Mystery Gift

The Pokemon Company last free mystery gift is here.

The second Free Mystery Gift can be downloaded straight onto your Sword or Shield game as of right now. The gift include’s a Galarian Meowth, now this isn’t just any old Galarian Meowth, this special one has a hidden ability.

Hidden Ability: Unnerve

This hidden ability will prevent you from using only opponents during battle. (this is from translated information, so I would take a stab and say you top your opponents using items during battle?)

You will also receive 50 big kid’s eggs that can be sold at high prices in the shop, and 100 Large Candy. Even if you already have a Galarian Meowth the free gifts are worth it. 100 large candy omg!

If you haven’t used the Mystery Gift function before you will need to be connected to the internet to receive the gift and click the “Receive Via Internet” option. The items will appear in your bag and the Pokemon in your party. If you party is full it will go to your Pokemon box in the next available space.

Meowth is only one of the four Pokemon in the free mystery gift campaign. Click here to see other details

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