Legendary Dog Trio Scale World


Pre-order for the Johto Legendary Dogs is now open!

I am super excited about this as Entei is my favourite Pokemon! When I saw him in the back of the artwork as a part of the Johto Set late last year, I’ve been playing the waiting game. Even though its up for pre-order the ETA given by Bandi for dispatch from the factory is still approx late June this year. Ah sigh.

What we have learned is the size of each doogo. As we all know already the Scale World Figures are replica’s of the real life Pokemon size in a 1/20th scale.

Raikou: H approx. 95mm x W approx. 66mm
Entei: H approx. 105mm x W approx. 95mm
Suicune: H approx. 100mm × W about 70mm

What Pokemon do you want to see next? I’d be super happy for a Team Rocket with Jessie and James.

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