Live Stream Pokemon Unite details and uproar

The latest game announced in the live stream, that rocked the Pokemon Community.

Before we go down the track of what we all thought was going to happen, if you haven’t watched the two last live streams of ‘Pokemon Presents’ stop what your doing and click here > Stream 17.6.20 > Stream 24.6.20

Now, what an emotional time it has been for all us fans. With the first live stream on 17.6.20, we got a new kids app, a cafe game for both mobile and switch and most of all a remake of Pokemon Snap (I STILL LOVE THIS SO MUCH!). So there really wasn’t much that could beat that release, until Pokemon at the very end of stream announce another live stream. OMG!

What’s so big they couldn’t include in the normal live stream? Next thing we know it could be a Johto Let’s Go? Gold & Silver Remake? Diamond & Pearl Remake? Even a new PokePark? We all sat down at our computers at 10.20pm (well for me anyway) and then you gent the 2 minute count down timer. It’s here omg lets go. First up we had ‘Pokemon Unite’.

Pokemon Unite is pretty much League or Legends crossed with Pokemon. Each team has five players and every Pokemon reverts back to their starter evolution. The aim of the game is to battle and catch Pokemon, giving them points to level up their Pokemon and learning new attacks.

Personally Pokemon Unite doesnt appeal to me but I see where they were going. The really awesome thing that they have done is that its not only real time play, but its also cross play between smart phone and Nintendo switch. This means even if your bored out and about, you can jump on your phone and play Pokemon Unite just like you would at home on your switch.

After Pokemon Unite was released the Video then ended. I actually waited watching a black screen thinking something was still coming? This is what sparked the uproar in the Pokemon Community. Why Pokemon Unite couldn’t be released in the previous stream? Who knows? But we all got our hopes up for a new or remake RPG game.

Since the announcement the Pokemon Community has shown its disappointment, with that particular live stream on Youtube getting the most thumbs down on any Pokemon video ever.

The Chinese Nintendo also did a poll to the Chinese Pokemon Community to see what there overal reaction was:

According to the poll 17,000 people who voted,

  • 47% voted for Pokemon UNITE to “get lost!”
  • 21% chose “don’t care”
  • 16% picked “looking forward”
  • 14% went with “waiting for more info”

If that wasn’t enough a Chinese player on Weibo has now also accused Pokemon Unite to be a ripped off design of a ‘Pokemon World of Warcraft’ game that was fan made over 10 years ago. I can see similarities but I don’t its enough to be called plagiarizing.

What a roller coaster of emotions. Hopefully the Pokemon Company will announce a new up and coming live stream to get us all back in their good books. As for me, I’m holding on for the Pokemon Snap remake.

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