New Dynamax Crystal Events


New Dynamax Crystal Event’s have been announced in Japan!

It seems that the Dynamax Crystal Event’s will be replacing our good old fashion coded events. In reality its same same but slightly different. The very first Dynamax Crystal Event was released earlier this month. So lets see what we have this time.

A Pokemon Collection Guide (which we assume is a small free magazine) will be available from March 27th in Japan. People living in Japan can pick up one of these collection guides from various Japanese retailers such as Tsutaya, Geo and more. Inside the guide has codes to obtain special Dynamax Crystals, which in turn unlock raid battles for Stonjourner and Eiscue.

These codes are valid until April 30th.

It is still unknown if the Dynamax Crystal codes are region locked or not? If you have managed to get your hands on one, let me know 🙂

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