New Gigantamax Event

Pikachu is making it’s Gigantamax raid debut!

It was about time the raids had a change up. This time we get our favourite chubby bud Pika! They even say if you are lucky a Shiny Gigantamax Pikachu may appear. What makes this Shiny Pika different? It has a secret hidden ability, that is yet to be known.

With Pikachu moving into the raids this means Dragapult, Togekiss, Rotom etc. have left the boosted raids.

The event starts as of now and runs until 23:59 UTC on May 18th 2020. That doesn’t leave us long to catch him. So jump on and remember to be connected to the internet online within the game and enter the “Mystery Gift” menu and select “Get Wild Area News”.

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