Nintendo Switch Pokemon Controllers


Limited Edition Wired Switch Controllers have been announced!

I am SO excited to see these. The only Pokemon Nintendo Switch Controller’s released so far are, the ugly retro Gamecube style and also a non licensed shell for the Nintendo Pro controller.

Here we have Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pikachu Wired Controllers.

These controllers are a licensed product manufactured by PowerA who are known as an official partner for Nintendo and for high-quality controllers.

I know I know it’s wired it has a chord ahhhh, but look on the bright side the chord has a confirmed 3 meter long reach. It is connected via a USB, which is then plugged into the Switch Docking Station.

The controllers also have the same soft rubber handles and layout as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

If you are a fan of the motion control and vibration feedback these controllers are NOT for you. These features are not included, just a pretty Pokemon themed simple controller.

These controllers are set to be released in August this year according to the EB Games website. At only $49.95 they aren’t to expensive either.

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