Original Stitch Pokemon Shirts now available outside of Japan


The high quality custom made Pokemon Shirts have been set free!

Starting from today Original Stitch has announced international delivery. This means we can now make our own amazing Pokemon shirts. Back in January this year Original Stitch created its ‘Pokemon Shirts’ range. Haven’t seen them? Click Here!

Original Stitch has all of the original 151 Pokemon material patterns, so you can mix and match any of those Pokemon. What do I man by mix and match? Not only can you pick one Pokemon for majority of the shirt, you can also choose a different Pokemon material for the collar, pocket or sleeve cuff.

After such a great success in Japan, Original Stitch has as of today announced international shipping. This means the following countries can now join in on the Pokemon attire, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Did you see that? Australia! That’s us!!!

You can create your own custom shirt here. I am so excited that finally Australia has been included, I think I might get a meowth shirt!

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