Pikachu and Raikou Ceramic Decorations


Pikachu and Raikou “ceramic decorations” are coming to Pokemon Center Japan!

Yakushigama has created new pottery ceramic Pokemon statues. The perfect decoration for any Pokemon trainers home. This is the third set to be released in Yakusigamas work with the first back in 2019 with Pikachu, Riachu and Squritle, then in 2020 with the Meowth variants, Pikachu and a tauros. The Pikachu and Raikou decoration comes with a base plate and a gold folding screen so its perfect for display. The small Pika with Magikarp is actually a small bell. When you shake it gently they say it has a comfortable tone.

Lets have a look!

This collection will be released in Pokemon Centers around Japan on November 29th. Sign up to our interest list now and get notified when it gets released. Click Here!

Artists Info:

Atsuko Nishida

■ Atsuko Nishida Profile In
charge of designing many popular Pokemon, including “Pikachu”. He also works on illustrations and designs in various genres such as games, card illustrations, and characters. A graphic designer and illustrator who is currently active as a freelancer.


■ Chugaitoen
Since its establishment in 1952, it is a ceramic craft maker that specializes in zodiac figurines, beckoning cats, hina dolls, May dolls, lucky charms, and seasonal decorations.
<What is Yakushimachi?> In
Seto City, Aichi Prefecture, which has a history of more than 1000 years, using the Seto novelty technique that has been handed down since the Meiji era, you can feel the peace of mind, such as lucky charms and seasonal decorations. A product brand of Chugai Pottery Garden that proposes modern “Japanese decorations”.

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