Pokémon Cafe New Menu Items


If your heading to Tokyo Japan soon you need to try this limited time only Gold & Silver themed desert.

New deserts have been added to the limited Pokémon Gold & Silver menu, legendary birds Lugia & Ho-oh are flying in from July 20th.

First up we have Lugia!

Shaved Ice Dessert Plate ¥ 1,922 (tax included) 
Lugia’s Cake Explosion !?

Then Ho-oh!

A no ice dessert plate 1,922 yen (tax included) 
Ho-oh is a strawberry-flavored cake! Serve it with the ice of the image of the snow of the sun ♪

Look how much preparation and detail goes into these food meals. You nearly wont want to touch it. Haven’t heard of the Pokemon Cafe before? Check out my previous post here.

These deserts are for a limited time only from July 6th to September 6th. So that’s two months of deliciousness.

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