Pokemon Center Shibuya Limited Skate Decks

Exclusive Pokémon Center SHIBUYA Graffiti Art Decks!

With only the Pokemon Center US announcing a collaboration with Bear Walking Skateboards, the Shibuya Pokemon Center now also have their very own Pokemon skateboards.

First off lets look at these bad boys!

The design on these boards continues on from the Graffiti Art theme at the Shibuya store. Now these boards are amazing, but here is the bad part. These skateboards are exclusive to this store only. Not only will they not appear in other Pokemon Centers around Japan but they are also unavailable through any of their online stores.

This collection is set to be released on February 8th 2020. If you know anyone travelling to Japan especially around Tokyo let them know! I can only imagine how much the prices for these boards will sky rocket, but as usual it would be worth it, look how beautiful they are. A collectors dream!

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